How to create an Invisible Folder

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Blinking Cursor Typography

SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop

- Open Photoshop. Create new canvass File>New (CTRL+N)

-Type something in it (e.g. Everyday I’m Tumblrin’)

- Using the Line Tool, Draw a line which looks like a typing cursor.

(It should look like this)

- Go to Window>Animation (The Panel below is the Animation Panel)

- Create two frames and set the delay time by 0.5 sec .

- On the second frame, Unseen the Line Shape. (Frame 1: Visible line shape; Frame two: Invisible line shape)

- Try clicking the play button. It should be the same as this. 

This is the final output.

Go to File>Save for Web & Devices>Save … 


Inserting image to text.

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Open Photoshop

Open the image you want to insert in your text. File>Open (you can get the image here)

Create a new canvass. File>New (640 pixels x 480 pixels)

Insert Text using the Text Tool. (e.g. TUMBLR)

Rasterize Type. Right click the text layer on your layers panel and click rasterize type. (this will convert your text to image type)

Using the magic wand tool, select the inner part of your text. Hold down Shift Key as you click on every character to select multiple letter.

You can see jagged lines on the outline of your text. This indicates what you have selected.

Right click on the selected area and choose Select Inverse. Unseen your layer by click the eye symbol beside it on your layers panel.

Now. Go to the image you want to insert  in your text. Using the move tool,


Drag it to where the text pattern is located.

For the last step. Hit CTRL+X (Cut pixels). There you have it.

File>Save as (CTRL+SHIFT+S)

file type: PNG/JPEG


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How To Make A Basic Typography

This is the most basic type of typography. This tutorial is made especially to first time user of Photoshop. Enjoy! 

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Be creative.

1) Open Adobe Photoshop

2) Create a new canvass. Go to File>New.. (CTRL+N). Set the size>OK

3) Click the Text Tool on the Tools located at the left side of your window.

4) Click and drag it on your canvass. You are now creating your text box this time. It’s up to you how big it is going to be depending on the size of text you are going to put in. 

5) Now, Type something in it. (e.g. BASIC TYPOGRAPHY)


Note: You can change the preferences of your text using the toolbar located on the upper part of your window. Here, you can choose the style depending on how you want your output to appear.

You can change the font style, size, type, and color. You can change these preferences every letter (just highlight the letter that you want to edit). It’s up to you. For example.

6) File>Save as. (CTRL+SHift+S)

File Name: Basic Typography

File type: PNG/JPEG

Then there you have it. Simple and Easy. Wait for more Typography tutorials on the next days. THANKS FOR FOLLOWING.

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